Readers: This is the first piece to come out after the passing of the original Terroir Guru, Fred Pieretti, in March. Marina Pieretti has taken over the site and her father’s mission of exploring wine’s unique palate punching nature, and making viticulture vernacular understandable and accessible to all.

With this mission in mind, and in addition to our current contributors, Terroir Guru will be focusing more on the presence and expansion of women in wine. The female palate and insight have long been under-represented in the industry. Our Terroir Gurrita Viticulture Board (TGVB) comprises of 10 female degustators in New York City always ready to break down a grape. Stay tuned for more on this exciting development.

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A Tale of Two Tempranillos: Texas vs. Rioja
​By Shankar Chaudhuri

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