​​Terroir Guru 

​In vino veritas et felicitas

Terroir-guru is self-consciously eclectic and happy to be so.

We launched this site to join those partisan-oenophiles who believe that great wine is "made" in the vineyard and not in the laboratory-cellar. As such, we freely admit that we are influenced by philosophies of the likes of Nicolas Joly in the Loire and U.S. importers such as Kermit Lynch, Terry Theise, and Eric Solomon and their winemaking clients in the old and new worlds. 

We do not purport to be encyclopedic or infallible (call us out on mistakes, please!).

What we hope to bring in these digital pages in the years to come includes:

--A repository of honest and actionable information for the average wine consumer (to whose lot we count ourselves)

--A venue for the ongoing debate regarding the homogenization of "big wine" or "big flavor" (see Jon Bonné) 

--A forum for others to express themselves about wine, food and those critical components of what makes life on this Pale Blue Dot worth living.

Talk to you soon.

The Editors